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            Who We Are 

Simply United Together Global Inc is a registered 501(3)c non-profit organization dedicated to supporting disenfranchised and marginalized communities around the world. We strive to provide those in need with basic necessities such as food, shelter and healthcare, through a variety of initiatives. We are committed to making a difference and providing a platform for people to make a real impact on their communities. We are passionate about helping those who are suffering from poverty, homelessness, and food insecurity. Join us today and be part of the solution. Volunteer oppotunities are available in communities across the country, as well as arenas and stadium events. For more ainformation regarding how you can help us, help others, please contact Dr. James Jones Sr @

Our Goals

Provide community outreach nationally and internationally

Increase donations through volunteer participation 

Adopting 100 marginalized schools in 100 cities

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