Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for the underserved in our communities through sharing information, offering individual and family support services, as well as through community programs and partnerships with other organizations.
S.U.T. Initiatives provide support to more than 30 core causes about which our members are very passionate, including initiatives that bring awareness and resources to key issues in communities around the country.
All our initiatives are making a difference in the lives of people in communities across the country, including the Feed the Hungry, Disabilities, Domestic Violence, Autism Awareness, Breast and Cervical Cancer Awareness, Mental Health, Missing Persons, Veterans, Lupus, etc. Among our most aggressive national initiatives are:

                DRINK UP INITIATIVE

 Our annual community hydration iniatiative created to address the issue of thrist in our homeless & disenfranchised communities.


            Breast Cancer Awareness

​As with all our initiatives, breast cancer awareness evokes much passion from members who have been personally affected in some way. As a result, we support events and programs around the country that work to eradicate this disease.


                Civic Engagement 

Encouraging citizens to engage in an attentive, ongoing, interactive discourse with its elected officials and community leaders is the primary focus of this important initiative.


                STOP THE VIOLENCE

​We actively identify partnerships and engage in programs that can make inroads into drastically reducing incidences of violence in our communities Health and Wellness: Having healthy minds and bodies is critical to living quality lives and this initiative works to connect people with the information and resources to enhance the mental, physical and even spiritual aspects of their lives


                   HIV/AIDS Awareness

Keeping a hand on the pulse of what’s happening in the area of HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention and sharing that critical information in communities where it is having the most impact, is what this initiative is all about.


                LGBTQ INITIATIVE 

Love is blind and comes in many forms. Our LGBT initiative recognizes and celebrates it. All are welcome no one is judged and sensitive issues such as equality and tolerance are encouraged.

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